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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Open Letter to Doug Tennapel

. My main gripe is the recent campaign for Armikrog and his movie Tommysaurous Rex. The Armikrog project has gained nearly a million dollars, which says a lot about the gaming community. Giving this man money just says you care about playing video games more then equal rights for human beings. Here is the link to the conversation and soon even worse comments followed from Doug himself. And no he is not apologetic about them. He feels he can be against gay marriage while not seeing gay people as subhuman. Well Doug it's that stance as to why gay people are seen as sub human. 21st: Do you honestly believe that every country save for yours is some repressive autocracy devoid of freedom?" DTN: Just compared to ours. We kick ass. 21st:"Christianity: 78.5%" DTN: Again, why we kick ass. 21st: "You know, if you don't have will and die right now, your wife would inherit your stuff." DTN: Neither could my gardener, but I shouldn't have to marry him to work those details out. I don't have a problem with anyone visiting anyone in the hospital... but we both know this isn't about hospital visits. 21st: "What argument do you have specifically against letting two adult men who love each other marry?" DTN: The same argument I have against letting a man take a dump in the ladies room. And office appropriate for one sex isn't automatically appropriate for another, no matter how much a man loves taking a dump in the ladies room. 21st: "Lastly, i'm at least thankful you're not equating gays to pedophiles or zoophiles. That's more respectful than some." DTN: Give me some time all I'll see what I can do. You realize this conversation is going to be used by your people to justify a permanent boycott of my work. They would probably use this argument to justify me not being able to visit anyone in any hospital while they're at it. THis argument isn't about laws and marriage, it's about cultural witch hunts. THere are a lot worse things than not being able to marry your same sex. 21st: "Right now, some states are, in fact, fighting to remove rights from people. Is that right?" DTN: America has thousands of people's rights taken away every day. Take a number. Some documentaries for Doug and other ignorant individuals looking to educate themselves. he Worlds Worst Place To Be Gay 1/4 Missionaries of Hate 'Occupy Pedophilia' Terrorizes Gays In Russia part of "The Pink Triangle" Film Some lite reading, gays in concentration camps. "The Pink Triangle."

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dr. Phil Animal Obsessed - Crafty Talk

Keep it up human race, the reason I could never kill myself is the fact I'mm having much so fun watching all of you. Boomer, never change.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Bullying Experience, It Does Not Get Better Unless...- Crafty Talk

I wish to talk about the subject of bullying but really why talk about it when I can share with you my own experience. This is not a plea for pity, spare me your sympathies. This is merely me sharing my own experience with bullying growing up into the person I am today. This is divided into parts but I have summarized my experiences into the most note worthy events. Perhaps I'll get into more details if needed or requested but for now I think this sums it up nicely and gets to the point.

Monday, March 31, 2014

An Exhaust Note!

A tale of excitement of thrill, of excitement, SUSPENSE! Find out what all the buzz is about in An Exhaust Note! For those wondering what has been done to my car he is the Aftermarket from nose to tail Perrin Cold Air Intake Tial 44mm MVR External wastegate venting to the bottom of the block Grim Speed 2" uppipe Invidia Down-pipe V.4 Invidia N1 single outlet exhaust Tuned by Slow Motion Motorsports 300whp 360awt @ 3250rpm