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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

For Tony The Tiger Daddy

It has been a long time since I felt the tiger in me. I would like to have him in me again, come frost my flakes tiger daddy. Have you had the Tiger in you?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Nintendo Takes Down StarFox Fan Film

Not the first project to get nixed by Nintendo, Metroid Fan Film Shutdown by nintendo I have witnessed a lot of stupid responses to things such as the power rangers bootleg fan film and recently the starfox animated parody that was recently snubbed by nintendo. Things are still on track and the names have since been changed which nintendo seems to be fine with, however it just feeds into my negative feelings towards japanese game companies and their practices. This video is a response to how it seems that they don't care about what fans want, will keep shoveling the same shit and beat that dead horse until it's just a pool of chunky red waste on the bat. It just confuses me to see a company like nintendo, koonami, and sega just have the bottom line in mind and not realize when it comes to entertainment products, it is a symbiotic relationship between customer and supplier. We give you money to provide us entertainment, a service. We may like your service so much that we will praise it with fan art, films, music, and even fan made games. Aside from making limited prints of non-parody art pieces there is really no room for shinanigans like shutting down tributes to our beloved entertainment unless of course, that musician starts selling cds of non-remixed music covers, fan games, or movies. Imagine if Sega or capcom sued over the fan films Blue Core made of megaman or sonic. Or nintendo over this starfox parody. It seems people are starting to be soured by these companies. Koonami is off making gambling machines of Silent Hill, Sega couldn't even successfully reinvent sonic, and Nintendo's wii-u will probably be dead in a year or less. Maybe they can start paying attention to their fan base a little more, unfortunately for them they seem to ignore the fact that the bulk of their market that keeps them a float is outside of their island. Support This channel. Subscribe and become a paetron WEBSITE

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CraftyArts 2016 premire announcement

Subscribe here to watch "CraftyArts" coming soon. I am aiming for this to premire in may 2016. Right now I have three episodes finished and ready to air. Considering time constraints and keeping a fulltime job I feel it will be best to air an episode per month. It's simply a matter of time, as more comes I will eventually be able to air more frequently. There will be google hangouts and perks for those who wish to support me on paetron, though you can support me now, I have to let you know these perks will not be in place officially until the series is done and ready to air for it's first season. This is my baby, my pet project, this is not a hobby but a work of passion, I enjoy art too much and intend to make something to entertain and make people laugh. I cannot thank those who have helped get this far enough I literally have a list of gift projects that will be it's own episode. Any criticisms, advice is welcomed. You can see the pilot episode here to see what I have in mind. There will be fan art, gift art, political, or just plain weird. updates will come as things progress. See more art here Support This channel. Subscribe and become a paetron WEBSITE

Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

Response 10 Reasons Why You Should Oppose Same-Sex "Marriage"

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